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Chronology of construction company

Chronological events in the development of Intertime Continental JSC construction- investment company: 1991 - 2016
Company history
Intertime Continental AD construction-  company was established in 1991. Since its foundation till nowadays the company has developed and delivered a total of 51 estate buildings with a total floorage of over 180 000 square meters and in accordance with the regulations with the land and estate use permit. Over 2000 buyers have found their home with us.
Communication, control, planning and accountancy along with the functioning of all resources in the company are conducted with the help of “Gold Management” managing informational system, its auxiliary modules and its feedback Internet – “Feedback”.
The company has adopted and applies a management system of quality in compliance with the respective regulations of the EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Certification covers investments, construction and sale of housing estates, administrative, trade and industrial sites and development of infrastructural sites.
The company is a member of the Chamber of Constructors in Bulgaria and has been entered and registered in the Central Register of the Chamber of Constructors in Bulgaria for developing sites in the following range:
On the grounds of Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Entry Regulations of the Central Professional Register of Constructors
• GROUP ONE – sites of high construction, adjoining infrastructure, electronic communicational nets and equipment;
On the grounds of Article 5, paragraph 4 of the Entry Regulations of the Central Professional Register of Constructors
• CONSTRUCTION SITES FROM FIRST TO FIFTH CATHEGORY /except for those under Article 5, paragraph 6, item1.1.5 and item 1.2.3/
Company History
• 1991 - establishment of " Intertime Continental" AD as a company , operating in the field of estate construction.
• In May 1992 the company started issuing and publishing the “Imoti” newspaper.
• In August 1993 – “Intertime Invest” AD was started with a main objective to establish tools for estate savings.
• In April 1995 "Intertime Continental" bought the furniture and wooden joinery factory in the town of Bansko.
• At the beginning of 1996 a team of managers and programmers began developing software products that were later united into managing informational technology called “Gold Management"
• At the end of the company started issuing the “Investitsii” newspaper, narrowly specialized in the investment area.
• In the period 1999-2002 following the introduction and adoption of construction and modern management technologies , the company commenced building 22 housing sites with offices, retail outlets and garages, all 22 sites running at the same time.
• In September 2000 Allianz Holding AD and Intertime Continental AD sighed a long-term Partnership Agreement and came out together on the market with a set of services, that have proved to be unique for the Bulgarian market.
• In 2001 Intertime Continental AD commenced building of a total of 18 new sites in Lozenets, Ivan Vazov, the Central part of Sofia, Iztok, Geo Milev, Pavlovo and other residential districts and in the meantime finalized and delivered other 4 sites, granted with an Act 16 Certificate.
• At the end of 2002 the company delivered 6 housing estates with a land and estate use permit in Lozenets, Geo Milev, Strelbishte, Beli Brezi , Mladost housing estates and in “Tsvetna Gradina” street – Lozenets housing district.
• At the beginning of 2003 the company started new sites in Strelbishte, Iztok housing districts, the region in proximity of the Medical Academy, near Lozenets (Governmental) Hospital and the Macedonia Square.
• In 2003 the company began working with the Feedback and Gold Management systems.
• In 2005 the company commenced 3 new construction sites in Mladost 1 housing district and one site in Mladost 2 , 2 sites in Iztok Housing district, one site in Strelbishte housing district, one site in Lozenets housing district and one site in Reduta housing district.
• In 2006 the company began construction work on three new sites in : Student’s Town, Motopista, Lozenets 2 housing districts, 2 sites in Iztok housing district.
• In 2007 the company began the construction of 6 new sites : one in Iztok housing district, one in the Central part of Sofia, 3 sites in Lozenets housing district, one site in Vitosha housing district.
• There are 11 buildings under construction , 4 of those in Lozenets – “Zlaten Rog” Trade Administrative and housing building, located in the prestigious ration the Cross opposite Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia , with green areas in-between, „White House” housing block, located opposite the American Embassy with offices on the ground floor, „Gorsi Kyt” housing block located in the very proximity of a thick oak- tree forest in the heart of the prestigious Lozenets housing district , a housing block located at No: 24 Bogatitsa street , one building in the central part of Sofia – “Central” housing block, located in “Udovo” street, near the National Palace of Culture, two buildings in Iztok housing district – “Pitsarite” housing block near the Borisova Gradina Park and “Iztrok “cinema, trade- administrative center opposite Interpred near “Dragan Tsankov” street, one building in Strelbishte housing block – a housing block at No” 17 “Tvyrdishki Prohod” street, one building in Motopista housing district – the housing district is located behind BILLA supermarket on Bulgaria boulevard near the new MALL Center under construction, one building in Reduta housing district – the housing block is at No: 45- 47 ‘Popova Shapka” street near Geo Milev Park, one building in Vitosha housing district – “Topolite”, housing block three minutes away from boulevard Simeonovsko Shose. Five other sites are being designed and prepared for launching into construction.
• In 2007 Intertime Continental AD was certifies as per ISO 9001:2000 standard. Each organization that aims to increasingly perfect and smooth its management activities in the activity performance process and longs to increase the benefits of its continual perfection needs to introduce, adopt and certify ISO. Intertime Continental AD is targeted at unremitting rise of the level of consumer satisfaction.
• At the beginning of 2008 Intertime Continental AD was entered into the Central Professional Register of Constructors under Group One – construction of categories one to five by the Central Professional Register of Constructors Committee.

2009 transmitted with permission to use two buildings:
- 28.03.2009 years. Administrative building in. East Street. Nikolay Haytov № 12 / against "Interpred" /

- 11.03.2009 yr. Building under construction. Speedway Street. "General Kiril Botev" № 5 with area 3505.13 square meters

2010 transmitted with permission to use two buildings:
- 08.02.2010 years. Transmitted building under construction. Vitosha Street. Lea Ivanova № 1 area of ​​2123.37 square meters

- 21.12.2010 yr. Building on the street. Udovo, № 5 with area 1111.93 square meters

2011 has begun construction of a residential building in. Monastery Meadows Street. Bogomil Raynov and are delivered with a certificate of use from 28.09.2011 years. Building with offices and underground garages in the quarter. Lozenets, ul. Elin peak № 2 with area of ​​2526.10 square meters
From the beginning of 2012 until now they have been issued with a permit to use three buildings:
- 25.01.2012 yr. - Residential building with a pharmacy, offices and garages with a total area - 2385.65 m2 Located in the quarter. East Street. "Akademik Metodi Popov» № 1A

- 19.05.2012 yr. - Commercial and administrative and residential building with underground parking in the square. Lozenets, opposite hotel "Kempinski painter." Area of ​​the building is 5332.70 square meters

- 17.08.2012 yr. - Zhilshtina building with a pharmacy, shops and underground garages in kW. Lozenets, ul. Elin peak № 16 with area 2575.60

- 04/01/2013 years. - Residential building with shops in the district. Monastery Meadows Street. Bogomil Raynov № 13 with area 960.90 m2

- 13/01/2014 years. Residential building with shops in the district. Lozenets, ul. Sveti Naum № 3 with an area 1438.88 square meters