Management and organisation

Peter Nikolov
of Board of Directors

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Management and organisation

Intertime Continental created one of the most modern contemporary management system – Gold Management, based on the philosophy the seven main principles in the management – professionalism, loyalty, responsibility, motivation, the skill of communicating and proper setting of the priorities. It registers all the problems in the departments, regulates their elimination, by means of tasks and operative plans, controls daily the fulfillment of all the tasks, limits all the item expenditures and proportions, plans the budget and renders an account on its fulfillment, establishes a responsibility for each spent lev, motivates the quality and prompt accomplishment. The system is based on the firm belief, that the DIRECTED thinking and directed action generate the effectiveness. All the processes in the Intertime Continental PLC organization are define and set with parameters, maximizing the profit, effectiveness, productivity and servicing of the clients. The criterion for task fulfillment is the achievement of the maximum of the preset purpose functions in each activity. The management on the various managerial levels is selected and trained to insure prerequisites for the achievement of the preset purposes uncompromisingly and flawlessly, even in the most unfavorable market environment

All employees in the beginning of the working day receive printouts of the daily plan-program – an excerpt from the Gold Management program, where all topical and reported tasks of each employee are described. Each employee plans his working day, filling in the plan-program the tasks to fulfill and the time, planned for their fulfillment. The so filled in tasks are endorsed with the time of receipt and a signature of the Coordination and Communication manager.
Puting of purposes and tasks in the companyForm
Company’s Expectations to the Employees Form
A basic part of the management is the system for evaluation of the 7 indexes of the value system. The evaluation is a matter of common knowledge in the relevant department and in this way is accomplished a correction program for setting of each employee’s value system in conformity with the company culture and value system.

The 7 value system indexes are as follows:

  • professionalism,
  • responsibility,
  • loyalty,
  • proper definition of priorities,
  • ideas and innovation,
  • winning communications with the people,
  • motivation,
  • beneficial for the work.

What is the meaning of each one?:

  • Professionalism – experience, knowledge – obtained as a result of training for the sole purpose of quality servicing of the customers. The management on the various levels is selected and trained to provide prerequisites for achievement of the set goals. The management accomplishes this by selection of employees of appropriate qualities and experience. Initial and periodical training, sufficient to guarantee the fulfillment of the set tasks, is compulsorily carried out.
  • Responsibility – assuming, quality fulfillment and reporting of obligations.
  • Loyalty – defense of the employer’s interests, observation of the Company Book rules and the laws
  • Proper definition of priorities – the way the employee sets the order and the time for fulfillment of his tasks, dependent on their usefulness and expenditures for their accomplishment.
  • Innovation potential – the capability of generating ideas, resulting in money /time/ saving, or gain of money /time/.
  • Good communication – the information, exchanged with the colleagues in the own department and in the other departments, its quality, value and quantity. The capability of establishing contacts and possibilities for their use.
  • Motivation – setting of goals, synergistic to the company ones and strong will for their pursuing – strength, determination and persistency

Company Employee’s Expectations Form
The employees assess monthly in this form their expectations to the company - whether all the necessary means and conditions are provided for their quality work and development . This assessment is considered monthly together with the employee’s self assessment and his assessment by his colleagues in the Company’s Expectation Form, which affects the employee’s remuneration