LEgal Consultation

Intertime Continental JSC implementsby their lawyers legal assistance to their clients and owners in the following areas:

1. Help in conducting urban affairs to land owners.
2. Consultations and legal assistance for each property law or bond issue, case study question, as well as upcoming real estate transactions and contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, replace, donations, transfer of immovable property with the right to maintenance and taking care, wills, etc
3. Preparing of deeds concerning all kinds of real estate transactions, and drafting of all additional transaction documents.
4. Preparation of documents necessary for the performance of circumstantial inspection and acquisition of property by prescription.
5. Preparation of deeds establishing the right to build, upgrade, additions contractual and legal mortgages, contracts of sale of movable property, construction contracts, leases, contracts for partitions, establishment of the right of construction, preliminary contracts for purchase - sale.
6. Research and study of the documentation proving ownership of the seller and the history of the property, assistance and representation before the Notary, Registry Agency, State Archives etc.. and procurement of all references, including checking for the presence or absence of encumbrances or third party rights on real estate, foreclosures or other restrictions.
7. Gather the necessary transaction documents for realization of each deal/ tax assessments, certificates, drawings, sketches etc / representation in negotiations with potential buyers or sellers, issuing legal opinions, representation in notary proceedings.
8. Preparation of all types of contracts, powers of attorney, notary invitations, statements, deeds, wills, partitioning, legal opinions and analyzes.
9. Providing legal representation in enforcement cases and before all courts in disputes on property rights, protection and restoration of disturbed possession and limited real rights, tort, unjust enrichment, etc.