Warranty Maintenance

The company provides a special group for the elimination of accidents within the terms of warranty maintenance.
The terms of the guarantees are different depending on completed construction and installation works, facilities and construction objects. Thus, according to Art.20, para. 4 of the Decree № 2 minimum guarantee terms of completed construction and installation works, facilities and
construction sites are:

1. for all types of newly completed construction of buildings and structures
equipment, including the ground base beneath them - 10 years;

2. for reconstructed structures of buildings and facilities
which have undergoneemergency - 8 years;

3. for isolation such as: hydro, thermal, acoustic and
anticorrosive works on buildings and facilities in non-aggressive environment - 5
years, and in aggressive environments - 3 years;

4. for all types of construction, assembling and finishing works
(floor and wall coverings, tinsmith, hardware, carpenter, etc.)
as well as internal systems of buildings, with the exception of work on item. 1,
2 and 3 - 5 years;

5. to complete installation of machinery, equipment, installations of
industrial sites, control and measuring systems and automatization- 5

6. For treatment facilities and depots for solid waste - 5

7. for transmission and distribution lines (networks) and facilities closer to them
onlevel  technical infrastructure - 8 years;

8. for highways - five years, the roads of I, II, IIIclass –
three years, in major repairs and rehabilitation - two years; for
other roads and streets - two years, and at major renovations - 1

9. facilities for highways, roads and streets (bridges, tunnels
etc.) in new construction - 10 years; overhaul and rehabilitation
- 4 years;

10. for railways and airplane runways in new construction -10 years;
overhaul and rehabilitation - 8 years;

11. for hydropower, irrigation, water supply
equipment and systems - 8 years;

12. Port and Coastal Engineering Structures and Systems - 8