Rough Construction

1. At performing rough construction of buildings, professional formwork class Doka or Peri is used. To ensure the implementation of smooth surfaces using quality exterior plywood.
The building is constructed as a monolithic concrete structure consisting of ground floor structures - reinforced concrete slabs and vertical load-bearing elements - reinforced concrete columns, reinforced anti-seismic  discs. The foundation of the building is performed by an approved construction project.
2. For the implementation of the brick walls we use bricks from the class of "Wienerberger".
"The ceramic bricks feature micro capillary structure and possess the ability to" breathe "- they absorb the excess moisture from air and visa versa , they releasethe moisture at relativelylaw humidity in the room, i.e. act as a natural regulator of the microclimate.
Brick wall accumulates heat so that the premises are warm in winter and cool in summer, equalizes the temperature fluctuations and maintain comfortable temperature on the surface of the inner walls.
The brick is extremely durable material: it does not get rust and it does not oxidize as metals do, it does not age and does not decompose as plastics, does not burn and does not rot like wood, it is not attacked by chemicals and microorganisms, etc.
Upon baking at min. 900  brick actually passes through fire and does not burn in situation of fire.
Exterior and interior walls are built of brick masonry with ceramic bricks of lime-cement solution, used bricks have excellent thermal insulation properties and they comply with the highest requirements for environmental product. They have a very good geometrical shape that allows proper execution of masonry.
3. Roof:
- Concrete slab
- Beam grill
- Steam insulation, thermal insulation with mineral wool
- Wood siding
- First layer of waterproofing - reinforced Voalit
- Second layer of waterproofing - rolled material with mineral slate or bitumen shingles
- Assembled vents for ventilation, installed "snow-stoppers"
Drainage of roof:
- Roof drainage will be made with seamless galvanized, powder coated gutters, color consistent with the facade and segmental external drain pipes, discharged into sewer system.
-Dischargers forinternal drainage aremade of PVC pipes discharged into sewer system.