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Current Projects

residential building next to South Park,
5 Bademova Gora Str., Sofia
Residentail Building next to Paradise Mall and South Park, 10 Emilian Stanev Str., Sofia
The blue idea
Trade-administrative center and residential house
16 Zlaten Rog Str., Sofia

Company Culture

  • I have no envy and I never covet what is not mine.
  • I have no wrath and I never attack first.
  • I am faithful to the organization. I respect rules and order and I do not regret it.
  • I constantly learn, I strive for perfection and I help others do the same.
  • I serve the organization and the society, I respect my superiors and I answer before god.
  • I aim higher than my needs but I do not let ambition blind me.
  • I keep clean in thoughts, clean in words, clean in deeds, clean in clothes, clean in body and soul.
  • I treasure Courage, Dignity and Nobleness. I place the interest of the organization before my own.
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The thinking and the design of our company has to be targeted at fulfillment of long- term objectives. These objectives must have emerged as a result of our drive to create quality and value for the customers and in general terms for the society, too. Money is like health. It is nice to have it, but its not a must. Our purposes have to surpass our routine and consumer needs. Each employee should be capable of thinking and acting purposefully and in a straight direction, not to be left to the impact by the short and impulsory temptations of financial benefits, tactical strikes and personal benefits, capable of permanently distracting his or her concentration on his path to the final aim.

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The Road of Life

  • To plant a tree,
  • To raise a child,
  • To build a house,
  • To create home...

We follow the way of our clients